GE Dishwasher Not Draining?

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follow url GE dishwasher not draining…sometimes it’s a clogged drain line but now a days it’s probably a jammed drain pump.
Modern dishwashers have weak little drain pumps that can jam from a wet toothpick, crab shell piece, glass shard, rubber foot off serving plate, etc….. they are more energy efficient but don’t really save you any money in the long run. The dishwasher must be disconnected and pulled out of the cabinet. Then the drain pump removed and taken apart to fix this problem. $165.00 Job.

buy lexapro online ireland GE dishwasher, full of water

Get a straw….I mean wet dry vacuum…

The culprit…. a pistachio shell.

Old dishwashers while not as “efficient” would have ground that up and spit it out the drain hose.

The little drain pump that can’t…

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