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The mysteries of Appliance repair….How did that happen?
Sometimes a tech leaves a job scratching his head, wondering. How did a sock end up under the detergent tray in the washer? How did a piece of glass make it thru three screens and lodge in the drain pump of a dishwasher?
Well here’s another one.
48″ Wolf range, installed for about a month.
Neither oven is working. I head over and notice the lights are on in both ovens. I open the oven doors and can tell the ovens have never been used.
Weird. I go to heat the large oven and nothing….just sits there. Same with the small oven.
Now I’m baffled. Lights in the oven don’t ever go off….oven won’t heat. Then it dawns on me, door switch!
I look closer and see the door switch plungers on both ovens are gone! Broken off way inside behind the grill.
The range thinks both doors are open (light on) and it won’t heat until the doors are closed.

I reached in with a pencil and pushed the stub of the plunger and the oven light went off.

Both door switches broken off at the same place.

Was it the install guys? Chuck Norris? A mad house cleaner?
We will never know.
What I do know is Wolf is an awesome company, when I reported the problem as a possible install issue they didn’t ask who installed it or instruct me to send the bill to the builder.
They said two words. “Fix it”.
So I did.
Proof again that Wolf/Subzero, stands behind their appliances. Even when its not their fault.



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